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People and animals
The series Zoo is fantastic forecast and one of the variants of the development of events on the Earth, which looks very realistic. The main threat is not weapons, not technology and not epidemics, but ordinary animals. People’s attitude towards them is difficult to call fair and kind. Animals are killed for fun and hunt, scientists put experiments on them. In the end, the beasts decided to take revenge for all this to the people and deal with them. Wild animals can easily destroy people.
During the expedition
A zoologist Jackson Oz arrives in Africa to study animals. He knows very well what their behaviour should be like. If at first everything seems more or less calm, soon he begins to notice a lot of strange things. The surprising desolation in Botswana is caused by the strange behaviour of animals. Occasionally, there are times when a wild beast attacks a person and kills him. Usually it’s just a matter of chance, inattention or negligence, but now the behaviour of animals is really surprising. Jackson feels and sees that they behave strangely.
Riddle of a pandemic
The protagonist of the series notes that animals act in an organized manner. Coordinated actions help them to deal more effectively with the enemy. For a person it is difficult to resist the power of nature, especially, when it comes to strong and dangerous predators. Jackson Oz understands that the epidemic takes over the world, it can lead to terrible consequences. He wants to understand what caused the abnormal behaviour and to find a way to save people from death.

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