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High school
What does not happen in an ordinary American school. Everyone is used to the fact that there are always conflicts between students and intrigues between teachers. Even dislike between teachers is a common thing but the war between the head teachers happens not so often. In the series Vice Principals we will see just such a comic story. Lee Russell and Neil Gambi hate each other. They are complete opposites. Fat and clumsy Neil is sure that he is better than elegant and stylish Lee.

The place of Director
The war becomes especially cruel when the struggle for a director’s seat begins. The main characters tease each other, fight, scoff – all in front of astonished teachers and students. It would seem that two adult men cannot behave this way but in this confrontation they forget about everything. No one in the school likes or supports Neil. His attitude towards his work shocks his colleagues, but the audience will have a lot of fun watching him.

True face
Everyone shows his real face in the struggle for power. Even Lee Russell, who wears a pink jacket and likes his students. Colleagues bet on Russell, but Gambi still does not give up. Everyone at school considers him to be an outspoken sneaker and henchman, a notorious careerist and scoundrel, and he continues to destroy his competitor in all conceivable and unimaginable ways.

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