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The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror, the main idea of ​​which is that evil is present in any person to some extent, and in certain circumstances, anyone can become a cold-blooded killer.
The series’ action unfolds in the first months after the zombie apocalypse. Assistant Sheriff Rick Grimes comes to his senses after a long coma and realizes that he is completely alone in an abandoned and ruined hospital. During the time when he was unconscious, the familiar world was destroyed by a terrible epidemic, the reasons for which no one knows.
On the way home, where Rick hopes to meet his wife and son, he stumbles upon a multitude of corpses – both lying on the ground and walking. Then his neighbor Morgan explains to him new rules of life: do not make noise, do not attract attention, and in case of a dead person’s attack to do everything to kill it.
But none of the survivors suspect that the walking dead are not yet the worst evil of this new world.

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